About Biblical Cogitations

Biblical Cogitations is a blog exploring Biblical topics from a Christadelphian perspective. Our primary focus is Bible study methods or ‘Hermeneutics’. We aim to produce good quality material at a level that is useful for everyone.

This blog is a member of the Lively Stones Collective.

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About Ben

Hi, I’m Ben and I run Biblical Cogitations. I have grown up a Christadelphian and live in Adelaide with my wife Amy.

From a young age I had an interest in history and literature, which later developed into a passion for Bible study and resources that could deepen my understanding of scripture. In my teenage years I realised there wasn’t much Christadelphian material on how to study the Bible despite the strong focus on the importance of Bible study.

I found some very useful material by Christian writers on “hermeneutics”, the technical word to describe the science (and art) of Bible study. The resources I found provided systematic approaches to understanding scripture in its context and as real literature. It has brought the Bible alive for me and helped me to get to grips with God’s Word in a more meaningful way.

I have started “Biblical Cogitations” to share some of the material about Bible study methods that I have found useful. A lot of the material on this topic can be technical and academic, so I am trying to present the key ideas in a more accessible way.


I believe in God because it makes sense. The concept of God is coherent and logical. His Word, the Bible, is demonstrably reliable and contains clear evidence of its Divine origin. Underpinning my faith is the evidence of the resurrection. No other theory explains the facts. More broadly, no rationalisation of the Bible can reduce it to a purely human book.

“Apparent contradiction with underlying harmony characterises truth, whilst surface harmony with underlying contradiction characterises falsehood”
Vox Dei by Islip Collyer


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